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  • What is the annual leave policy of the company?

    All employees (other than those employed on a short term, temporary or part time basis) are entitled to generous paid annual leave in comparison to most other companies. The number of working hours of annual leave provided per calendar year is related to your job grade and is specified in the Contract of Employment.

  • What are the career development opportunities within Emirates?

    Internal applicants are given first opportunity over external candidates for any vacant position.  Internal vacancies are in most cases advertised internally before they are made open for any external candidates.
    Candidates interested in applying to any advertised internal vacancy should meet the following eligibility requirements:
    • Completed one year in the current role (position/department)
    • Meet the minimum qualifications and experience for the position
    • Have your line manager's support in applying to the position 

  • What is the probationary period for company employment?

    For all positions, probationary period is 6 months from the date of joining the Company.

  • What is “Exchange Rate Protection” scheme?

    UAE-based expatriate employees irrespective of nationality, grade or position are covered by the Exchange Rate Protection (ERP) scheme, unless from the USA or any country where the currency is fixed against the US dollar.
    The ERP scheme is intended to provide you reasonable protection if you are adversely affected by exchange rate fluctuations to the currency of your nation or the place of your permanent residence.  Your ERP currency will be given as per the country of your Annual Leave Destination, and once your ERP is determined it can never be changed.  Under the ERP Scheme, 50% of the net basic salary received each month is protected up to a maximum of 15%.

  • What is Profit share?

    If the Company reaches its profit target, employees may receive a profit share payment. An announcement about the end of financial year results is made in April and the profit share is paid out in May. The amount varies from year to year and has ranged from 2-14 weeks of basic salary.
    All employees must be employed for the complete period 1st April – 31st March in the preceding year to be eligible for the full profit share payment.  If you join after the 31st March and before 30th September you are entitled to a pro rata amount. If you join after 30th September you will have to wait until the end of next financial year to be eligible for the profit share.

  • Do I pay tax on our salary?

    The salary you receive from us is tax free.

  • Do I need to open a UAE bank account?

    Yes, since your salary is paid monthly in local currency.

  • What is the procedure for obtaining a UAE Driving License?

    Obtaining a UAE Driving License is your responsibility including the costs involved. There many countries which have an agreement with the UAE whereby you can convert your existing driving license to a UAE driving license. If you are unable to convert your existing driving license into a UAE driving license, then you will have to undergo driving tests conducted by Dubai Police. There are many private driving schools in Dubai and you can register at one of them for driving lessons.