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Emirates Airport Services (EKAS)

Baggage and Ramp Services


Emirates’ Baggage Services Arrivals team has the sensitive and difficult task of handling customers whose bags have not been delivered as promised. The team’s goal is to trace a mishandled bag, reunite it with its owner and restore the customer’s faith in Emirates. All staff in the Baggage Services section are trained in world tracer procedures and customer service skills. These include learning how to empathise, listen and understand.

In our Call Centre, qualified and courteous staff answer customer queries and provide information about their mishandled bags around the clock.

The Central Baggage Tracing Office is also an integral part of this department, conducting intense secondary tracing for the entire Emirates Airport Services network, as well as handling claim settlements for Dubai’s mishandled baggage cases.

Ramp Services provides a hub for all communications related to baggage connections, mishandled baggage and service-level audits of all ramp activities provided by Dnata.

Key roles include:
• Baggage Handling Agents
• Baggage Services Supervisor
• Baggage Handling Duty Officer
• Baggage Services Superintendant