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dnata Ground and Cargo Handling

Operations Services


Operations Services department is made up of three main areas:
• dnata Operations Control Centre (DOCC)
• Airside Transportation for passengers, staff and crew
• dnata Communication Facilities

Of these, dnataMovement Control (MOCON) can be described as the nerve centre of airport operations. It has attracted international attention from airport operators keen to match its achievements. MOCON maintains a bird’s eye view of all the ground-handling activities across the airport, co-coordinating everything related to the handling of every single flight departing, arriving and in transit.

The centre is packed with the latest communication systems including radar image display, weather read-outs, Activity Control Systems, Aircraft Stand Monitoring Systems, trunk radio, departure control, baggage reconciliation and resource management systems.

MOCON also incorporates a dedicated Incident/Disruption Control Desk, which can be activated at short notice in the event of any irregular operation or flight disruption. Its purpose is to ensure that all such events are handled without impacting scheduled flights at the airport.

MOCON also includes the Integrated Allocation Centre, which controls the allocation of resources and manpower from a central area. This ensures that services delivery is as efficient as possible with optimum use of resources.

Key roles include:
• MOCON Flight Supervisor
• MOCON Operations Controller