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UAE National Careers


  • What are the criteria for applying for a job?

    • Must hold a valid UAE passport
    • Must have good command of both written and verbal English
    • Must hold Khalasat Al Qaid or Marsoom
    • Must hold UAE National Identity Card

  • What is OJT?

    On the Job Training. This applies to roles where the candidate is given a training period (x-1). The salary will be lower than the proposed job grade until the trainee completes his or her OJT.

  • What does a “Trainee Role” involve?

    • Firstly, a trainee is chosen for an appropriate job (through the Recruitment Team)
    • The trainee then joins the company
    • The trainees attends a National Induction Programme
    • A Development Plan is set
    • A tripartite meeting is held with the trainee and their line manager
    • Course Nominations
    • Follow-up tripartite meeting

  • What does the Career Development Unit do?

    • After you complete the training period, you will meet the a member of the unit to discuss your interests and  career aspirations.
    • The unit member meets your line manager for feedback.
    • Agreement is made on your development needs
    • A development plan is set.
    • The unit member follows up on your progress to ensure that everything is working out as planned.