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Explore our Careers

Medical Services


The Emirates Group provides in-house medical and dental services for eligible staff members and their families via its own Emirates Clinic. The clinic provides full primary medical and dental care, referring patients as required to specialist medical professionals. To complement this service, the clinic also has its own in-house laboratory and pharmacy. Our laboratory technicians conduct a range of testing, outsourcing any testing that we are unable to perform.

Dubai’s Department of Health requires doctors to have a minimum of five years’ practice and at least one further professional qualification; accordingly, all of the doctors we employ in our Health Services division have specialty areas, ranging from aviation medicine and occupational health to paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, sports medicine, dermatology, emergency medicine, ENT, and rheumatology.

The high standard of care provided is therefore supported by the knowledge and ability to refer internally to subspecialists. A review of the doctors’ qualifications and interests on the clinic website quickly shows the diversity and highly skilled nature of the staff employed.

The clinic is constantly looking for a balance of skills, to fill required needs and areas of high demand requiring further appropriately skilled doctors and nurses.

To be registered by Dubai Health Authority (DHA), medical professionals have to sit an oral examination, usually with a panel of four or five local consultants.

Medical indemnity insurance is provided by Emirates Airline and is only valid for treating the eligible employees of the clinic. Emirates Clinic will generally pay for ongoing registration in your home country. We recommend that you continue your registration in your home country if possible.