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Flight Operations


The Flight Operations department manages various facets of the operational side within the Emirates Group. However, its primary responsibility is to ensure safe, legal and efficient operation of Emirates airline’s aircraft. This includes training and scheduling of Flight Deck Crew to ensure that they meet all licensing and regulatory requirements and can execute high-quality operation in a safe, efficient and customer-friendly manner. Specially trained operational staff within the department also plays a key role in the recruitment of new Flight Deck Crew. The navigation and technical sections are in charge of effective surveying of all new routes and making available all navigation, performance and other necessary operational data to flight crew, to ensure safe air and ground operations. Investigating, monitoring and disseminating information on all accidents, incidents and other occurrences involving Emirates’ aircraft come within the scope of this function.

The Flight Operations department is comprised of the following sections:

1. Flight Operations Training
2. Flight Training Facilities
3. Emirates Network Operations and Logistics
4. Flight Operations Performance
5. Flight Operations Support
6. Flight Training Facilities

If you are keen to pursue a career within Emirates Group Flight Operations, we are actively seeking applicants who:

• Are passionate and excited about the aviation industry.
• Have the enthusiasm and desire to go the extra mile to ensure accurate end results are delivered on time.
• Are talented and ambitious enough to progress in one of the most challenging working environments within the industry.
• Will continue to remain positive and motivated even when required to work unsocial hours.