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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits
With ‘People’ as one of the Group’s core values, we offer a range of generous benefits to assist permanent employees who are recruited globally to live in Dubai. Our Remuneration Policy focuses on developing compensation and benefits policies through detailed research and analysis. Our main focus is to ensure that the Emirates Group remains competitive within the market it operates in, to ensure we attract and retain the right talent.

This section of The Emirates Group Career Centre is designed to give you, as a prospective applicant, an understanding of the total package you may be offered if you are successful in your application for a role within the Engineering division of the Emirates Group. Our total reward package comprises of not only cash, but also non-cash elements.

The summary below highlights the key elements of the Emirates Group total reward package for employees based in Dubai, however please note that this is indicative only as the range and level of benefits which are subsequently offered to successful candidates will vary depending upon the particular role they apply for and an individual’s unique personal circumstances. The items identified below do not form an exhaustive list and qualifying periods may apply for certain benefits. Should you be successfully shortlisted the respective Recruitment Specialist can provide further details.
  • Cash Elements

    The following benefits are applicable to all Staff:

    • Competitive Tax Free Basic Salary
    Your fixed monthly cash payment related to your position and based on the knowledge and competencies you bring to the role. Salaries are benchmarked for all employees against relevant Industries and are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they remain competitive.

    • Company Provided Accommodation/Accommodation Allowance

    Company Provided Transport/Transport Allowance

    • Profit Share Scheme
    The Company operates a profit share scheme based upon the profit results of the Company for the financial year. A qualifying period is applicable.

    The eligibility of the following benefits is dependant upon the role and/or applicant’s unique personal circumstances:

    • Exchange Rate Protection Scheme
    50% of Basic Salary is protected against adverse exchange rate fluctuations between the UAE Dirham and your currency classification. This is not applicable to currency classifications that are pegged against the USD.

  • Non Cash Elements

    The following benefits are applicable to all Staff:

    • Annual Leave
    Minimum of 30 calendar days in addition to 10 public holidays. Leave increases above 30 calendar days in steps dependant on the seniority of the position.

    • End of Service Gratuity
    In accordance with UAE Labour Law, on leaving the company you will be provided with an end of service (gratuity) payment calculated as 21 days basic salary per annum for the first 5 years of service and then 30 days basic salary per annum for each year of service beyond 5 years of service.

    The eligibility of the following benefits is dependant upon the role and/or applicant’s unique personal circumstances:

    • Leave Tickets
    Free annual leave tickets are provided to approved leave destinations for the employee and their eligible dependants subject to Company policy.

    • Education Support Allowance
    Financial support towards the payment of core tuition fees is provided to staff in more senior positions. It is intended as a contribution towards the overall expenses the employee may incur for their children’s education.

    • Personal Life and  Accident Insurance/ Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

    • Medical and Dental Provision/Government Health Card

    • Government Pension Scheme
    Eligible UAE National and GCC citizens are enrolled into their respective Government Pension Scheme, employees and Company contributions are payable.

    • Provident Fund
    On leaving the Company an employee is entitled to an End of Service Gratuity or Provident Scheme payment, whichever is higher. The Provident Scheme is a long-term savings arrangement provided to more senior positions and is designed to help plan for retirement. The company contributes 12% of basic salary. You are required to contribute 5% of your basic salary. 

  • Additional Privileges

    • Concessional Travel
    A range of ticket options are available for staff and their eligible dependants on Emirates Airline’s routes which now encompasses over 100 destinations. Some elements of concessionary travel are available immediately upon joining, but eligibility for others is subject to completion of a probationary period.

    • Emirates Card
    By virtue of being an Emirates Group employee you can avail of attractive discounts at over 100 dining, retail, hotel and leisure outlets in Dubai and the UAE. You can also upgrade to the Emirates Platinum Card and avail over 300 additional discounts and benefits and club memberships.

  • Licensed Aircraft Engineers

    The eligibility of the following benefits is dependant upon the requirements of the role and the applicant’s technical qualifications:

    • Engineering License Pay
    A variable monthly cash allowance paid for licences held and utilized, the payment is capped to a maximum of 8 licences utilised per month.

    • Productivity Pay
    A variable monthly cash payment for ‘additional’ hours worked up to a maximum of 24 hours per month.

    • Flying Pay
    Payable for Engineers who volunteer to go with additional flights on their off-days.