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Revenue Optimisations


Revenue Optimisation - Industry Tariffs & Ticket Products
This department covers information pertaining to industry tariffs, ticketed taxes, fees and charges, surcharges, regulatory issues, Emirates' ticketing products, standards and procedures.

Revenue Optimisation - Pricing
Pricing works towards optimising Emirates’ network revenue. The main objectives of the department are to set fares to and from all destinations on our network, as well as ensuring appropriate fare structures are established to cater for all offline points. This is done after giving due consideration to competition, Emirates’ product strength and other market conditions. In addition to the operational aspect, a strategy team looks at pricing distribution, interline agreements, industry tariffs and ticketing and the development of pricing strategies at a macro level.

Revenue Optimisation - Reservations Services
This unit functions around the clock, serving the Emirates Reservation Office network.

Located at Emirates Group Headquarters, there are five sections which focus on;
• System enhancements and development
• Loading of Emirates schedules into the system
• Servicing bookings for groups/medical cases/meals etc.
• Supporting the network on disruption handling/flight movement messages
• Reservations procedures including allocating system sign codes, etc.

At Network Control Centre, a duty controller co-ordinates all aspects of disruption to the Emirates flight network from a reservations point of view for the Senior Manager Network Control.

Revenue Optimisation - Yield Management
Yield Management works to maximise revenue for the company by balancing market demand with scheduled passenger capacity. Also known as Revenue Management, the department manages flights and group traffic and disseminates flight forecasts to various departments across the company. Apart from flight management, Yield Management also does extensive work to develop systems that formulate the total Revenue Plan in addition to setting targets for specific sales areas. Yield Management supports stations in achieving their targets by providing seats at the opportune time. Candidates wishing to pursue a career in Yield Management, must have strong numerical skills and analytical ability.