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  • What makes Emirates the fastest-growing airline in the world?

    From the outset, Emirates has been committed to quality and innovation and to exceed customer expectation. More than 400 international awards bear witness to our dedication to these core values.

    We are confident of the travel industry’s long-term growth potential and have a steady management focused on long-term goals. Emirates has an aggressive business development plan which has seen us adding an average of four new destinations every year for the past 23 years and regularly increasing flight frequencies. Currently, we are expanding our fleet with, on average, one new aircraft delivery every month. We have a good product complemented with excellent service and the drive to be the best in whatever we do.

  • What is Dubai like as a lifestyle destination?

    From a country that relied on pearl diving, Dubai has now developed into an international tourism and regional business hub. It is a modern cosmopolitan city where people of many cultures and religious backgrounds live and work in harmony. Dubai offers many advantages and prides itself on being one of the most exciting cities in the world. Dubai is a city of contrast, a land where the old and the new, traditional and modern, east and west blend seamlessly to produce a fascinating, mysterious, exciting place with a distinct personality all of its own. There is an endless variety of superb restaurants and sports and leisure facilities catering for all tastes.

  • What are the career development opportunities within Emirates?

    Staff have first opportunity to apply for a vacant position as most of these are advertised internally before being advertised to outside applicants.
    Candidates interested in applying for any internal vacancy should meet the following requirements:
    •  Completion of one year in your current role (position/department).
    •  The minimum qualifications and experience required for the advertised position.
    •  The support of your line manager.

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Cabin Crew

Why Fly for Emirates

Fly with Emirates as a commercial pilot

As Cabin Crew for Emirates you will join a dynamic and enthusiastic multi-cultural team from over 130 countries. Emirates Cabin Crew enjoy fully-furnished shared accommodation, a tax-free salary, full medical care and exclusive discounts on shopping and leisure activities. What's more, opportunities abound for your role as Emirates Cabin Crew to be the stepping stone to a whole new career.