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The Emirates Group

The Environment


In the air and on the ground, the Emirates Group’s goal is to make sustainability and eco-efficiency the cornerstones of all Group operations. This applies to our home base in Dubai, as well as to our network across six continents.

Being eco-efficient means we must use fewer resources and create less waste and pollution, while growing our business and maintaining the high standards of service we are known for.

We begin by investing in the latest aircraft and engine technology. We have one of the youngest airline fleets, and this means higher levels of fuel efficiency: we can carry more passengers and freight for less fuel (and fewer emissions). It also means a much quieter fleet, as new designs have greatly reduced the noise levels of the latest generation of aircraft.

We then operate our aircraft in the most efficient way possible. Our pilots use fuel-saving techniques wherever it is operationally feasible. We work closely with air traffic management providers around the world to ensure our aircraft can fly the shortest, most fuel-efficient routes. And our engineers ensure the aircraft are operating at their peak performance.

On the ground, we strive to improve our energy efficiency, water consumption, and waste management. We are constantly looking for opportunities to recycle more. Volunteers from across the organisation – our ‘Emvironment Champions’ – contribute to various environmental initiatives. We have also supported innovative community-based environmental projects in several countries where we operate through the Greener Tomorrow programme.

On top of this, we contribute directly to biodiversity conservation through two important initiatives: the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, and the Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa in Australia.

To learn more about our environmental programmes, please visit our environment pages on the Emirates web site.