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Why fly as a Commercial pilot for Emirates?

Fly with Emirates as a commercial pilot

Emirates is a successful and financially stable airline. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our pilots with extensive training, professional stability, job security and an exciting and rewarding career.

Our technically advanced fleet of Boeing and Airbus aircraft is one of the largest in the world with over 150 wide body aircraft in the air and more than 200 new aircraft on order.

We are currently recruiting a large number of commercial pilots to fly our expanding fleet, in a process that will continue into the foreseeable future.

We upgrade our pilots from First Officer to Captain in a relatively short period, especially in comparison to other long haul carriers. Our First Officers also get opportunities to enhance their careers in other professional roles such as Technical Pilots, Recruitment Pilots and Synthetic Flight Instructors.

We are now accepting First Officers , who meet our minimum requirements.

At Emirates, we understand and value the importance of family life. All our commercial pilots are based in Dubai - a safe, cosmopolitan and tax free city that is ideal for families and kids, with its warm climate, renowned education facilities and global attractions. This allows you and your family to enjoy many interests, sports and hobbies.

Dubai’s vantage geographical position between East and West makes it ideal for a home base while travelling around the world.

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Apply for a career as a commercial pilot with Emirates.

Why fly as a Commercial pilot for Emirates?

  • Fleet
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  • Emirates Pilot Training

    All successful candidates will be flown from an Emirates destination to Dubai for training.

    The first week is dedicated to an induction which will include various company briefings, paperwork required to process the visa applications for your family and other joining formalities.

    In the second week of training, you will begin your Type Rating (12 weeks), in preparation for your career as an Emirates commercial pilot.

    Lessons that are computer based - including but not limited to, Aircraft Systems, TCAS, ETOPS, ILS/PRM, RNAV and RVSM - will be followed by 10 sessions at the Fixed Base IPT Trainer and 10 Full Flight simulator sessions, culminating in a License and Skills test.

    Two final simulator sessions will further qualify you for Low Visibility Ops and Zero Flight Time before Line Training. Line Training will commence with an observation flight, followed by 12 sectors of Line Training, mostly to places you have never flown previously.

    After a final Line Check, our airline pilot recruitment and training process will be complete, and you will be released to the line as a fully qualified commercial pilot with Emirates.

  • Career opportunities

    Once you have started working as a commercial pilot with Emirates, you can tap into numerous opportunities within the company to enhance your aviation career.

    We upgrade our pilots from First Officer to Captain in a relatively short time, especially in comparison to other long haul carriers. First Officers can advance their professional careers as Synthetic Flight Instructors (SFIs) or join the Pilot Recruitment Team. Alternatively, you can take up specific roles as Management Pilots.

    Captains can advance into other professional roles such as, Training Captains, CRM Instructors, Flight Operations Audit Captains, Management Pilots or Recruitment Pilots.

  • Job security

    Emirates is a profitable company and is one of the world’s fastest growing airlines.

    With close to 200 wide body aircraft on order, we have extended our network and are increasing the frequency on existing routes. Emirates’ aggressive growth plans have resulted in 700 commercial airline pilot positions to be filled within the next 18 months.

    So if you are a passionate aviation professional who thrives on progress and innovation, we can offer you a bright and secure future as a commercial airline pilot with Emirates.

  • Financial strength

    The Emirates Group has a successful financial base. It has recorded an annual profit in each of the last 23 years, culminating in a record profit of US$ 1.6 billion in the financial year 2010-2011. Revenue has also increased year on year by 26.4 percent totalling US$ 57.4 billion, with 31.4 million passengers in 2010 -11.

    The Group has a significant cash balance of US$ 4.4 billion, allowing greater financial flexibility. All employees were awarded 12 weeks’ salary as part of a profit sharing scheme in 2010-2011.

    Highlights of the financial year 2010 - 2011

    ● Profit for the 23rd consecutive year

    ● Record profit of US$ 1.6 billion

    ● Revenue Increased by 26.4 percent to US$ 57.4 billion since the preceding year (2009 – 2010)

    ● Increase in The Emirates Group cash balance to US$ 4.4 billion

    ● Employees were rewarded with a profit share aggregating 12 weeks’ salary

  • Employee benefits