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The Recruitment Process

Fly with Emirates as a First Officer

Online selection process
All applicants who apply online for a Flight Deck position with Emirates will receive immediate acknowledgement of their application. Applications will be reviewed and selected applicants will be contacted and invited to commence the assessment process based on professional background, experience and suitability.

Updating your application
You are required to update your online application regularly (we advise a 3 to 6 month interval) to ensure that your contact details, current employment, type ratings, aircraft type and flying hours are accurate and current.

Stage One of the Pilot Assessment Process
Shortlisted candidates will receive an email invitation with a link to complete a recorded Video Interview as the first stage of the process. This consists of 5 short questions which you complete at your convenience. All instructions are provided, including how to set up your computer, tablet or phone ready to record your responses. This can all be done from your own home or on layover and we recommend practicing your English for at least a few days in advance of completing the Video interview. Please monitor your inbox and junk folders for an auto-generated email with your invitation.

Those successful at the Video Interview stage will then receive an email invitation to complete an online Ability Assessment. The email will include a link and all necessary information needed by you. Again, this can be completed at a time convenient to you but we recommend doing this as soon as possible to increase your chances of joining Emirates soon. Please monitor your inbox and junk folders for an auto-generated email with your invitation.

The final part of Stage One for those successful following the online ability assessment will be an email invitation to complete your Advanced Compass assessment. You will receive a congratulatory invitation from Emirates Pilot Recruitment first, and then a follow up email from Airways Aviation who are our Advanced Compass partner. The Airways Aviation email will include a link to schedule your own assessment at a time convenient for you. We have a large network of assessment facilities globally and will be continuing to add more locations to this list monthly. You can choose the location closest to you when scheduling your Advanced Compass assessment. We again highlight that this should be completed as soon as possible to increase your chances of joining Emirates. Again please monitor your inbox and junk folders for an auto-generated email with your invitation. If there is not a convenient Compass testing location for you, then please get in touch with our Recruitment team as there may be a possibility of being invited to Dubai for the full assessment process.

Stage Two of the Pilot Assessment Process
Shortlisted candidates are provided with a round trip ticket from any Emirates destination, and invited to attend a three day selection process in Dubai. This programme is designed to provide you with an opportunity to experience both Emirates and Dubai. This allows candidates to identify and overcome any issues that may pose an obstacle to joining our team as well as ask questions about life as a professional pilot with Emirates in Dubai.

Where applicable, we encourage spouses to accompany candidates to Dubai for the Assessment Centre, to ensure that this lifestyle decision suits both the individual and the entire family. We will be arranging a free Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus tour for the spouse to see more of the city and make an informed choice. We realize that these decisions are always a joint decision so encourage this where possible.

The Assessment Centre generally follows a fixed format -

Day 1:

  • Welcome brief outlining the Dubai schedule, and the HR brief for all relevant information
  • Assessment Centre exercises
  • Simulator brief and Assessment (basic flying skills, flight deck management and airmanship)
  • Compass testing (if required)
Candidates will be notified at the end of day 1 if they have been successful during the first part of the assessment and if they will move on to Day 2.

Day 2:

  • Psychometric Testing
  • Panel interview
  • GCAA medical examinations

Day 3:

  • Emirates medical examinations
Candidates are required to arrive in Dubai with adequate time so that they are well-rested prior to the commencement of the programme.
We handle all travel arrangements, visit visas and costs associated with flying candidates into Dubai on the Emirates network, for participation in the selection programme. Should your spouse wish to accompany you on this trip, please remember to make private arrangements for her/him.

Candidates will be advised of the final outcome of the Recruitment Process within two to six weeks following the interview.

Please come prepared. It is important to have all necessary documentation including photocopies of your passport, logbooks, certificates etc. ready and available on request. Please ensure that all your papers are updated and in order.

Be yourself. We are interested in getting to know the real you and not the person you think we want to see. The most important preparation you can do is to be confident in your performance and trust you are a great pilot we will want to fly with us.

Be open. We are aware that there is often information in the industry about our processes; all of which may not be accurate or relevant. We deliberately change our programmes regularly and recommend that you engage in the Assessment Centre with an open mind - without preconceived ideas or over prepared responses.

The Recruitment Process