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  • Is there a lot of crime in Dubai?

    Compared to other cities there is very little crime in Dubai, however common sense and precaution are advised. House burglaries and petty theft do occur.

  • Can my spouse work here?

    Yes, most employment agencies in Dubai have websites, where your spouse can view vacancies and register his/her CV.

  • How do I get a Liquor License?

    You may apply for an application letter through our Employee Service Centre on the 2nd Floor (Atrium level) of the Emirates Group Headquarters Building and then visit a liquor outlet to submit your application form.

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Since the 1990’s, tourism has boomed, and is now a major part of Dubai’s economy. Ambitious developments such as Burj Al Arab, The Palms, and The World, alongside Dubai’s renowned shopping and beaches, have attracted tourists seeking a mix of the exotic and the spectacular. Today, Dubai continues to grow, but the Arab tradition of hospitality remains.

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    Accommodation in Dubai
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